The business venture is in place since 2019 and had an exponential growth rate consecutively for the past few months. With the vision of providing legal smoke products such as a variety of Cigar Shop, Hookah flavors, Vape products, Kratoms, CBD, Nicotine, Delta 8 etc. and a wide range of Glass accessories, Smoke Accessories, Pipes, Rolling paper, Grinder and many more lovable accessories delivered straight to your doorstep around Freeport, Oceanside, Long Island, Baldwin, and every other part of New York.  


Smoke Shop leads the position with the best inventory for smoke products and accessories in the offline market in NYC and with this website our mission is to create a strong and profound presence in the online market as well. Smoke Shop Online strives to deliver the products as fast as possible and grow faster among our potential buyers’ community than ever before. Giving the perfect "On Cloud 7" experience with the newest, coolest, and largest range of best products available.


We request you to take advice from a licensed health care provider if you suffer from any disease and you abide by that you do use our products at your own risk. Before using any products from Smoke Shop, you acknowledge and agree that Smoke Shop is not held accountable for anything.